Tulum: An Ancient Treasure in the Mexican Riviera Maya

Tulum was a flourishing port for doing business and a fortress at the same time centuries ago. It is currently viewed as the best beach in Mexico by the US News Travel. The impressive Mayan ruins are found in this destination along the Mexican Caribbean coastline. The presence of a blend of exciting eco-friendly fun makes this spot perfect for a vacation.

Tulum is well-known for its fascinating ruins next to the sea. Its beaches are also widely recognized for their pristine nature. Adventurers found out about the history of the Mayan community at the Tulum ruins. As they went further to the Southern part on the sea shore they discovered unspoiled serene beaches like no other in the Riviera Maya. This perfect holiday destination has been kept top secret by the settlers who occupied it 30 years ago and are now residents. For more than 20 years, hippies and backpackers were accommodated in small hotels with wooden cabanas next to the scenic beaches. There was not much to make your stay comfortable in Tulum. It was a quiet spot because electricity was not available.

Three Attractions in Tulum

Tulum consists of the Tulum beach, the Tulum ruins, and the Tulum Pueblo. Tourists mainly visit the memorable Tulum ruins to learn about the history of the Mayan people. The Tulum Pueblo or town is located along highway 307 some miles towards South of Tulum ruins.

The town has an impressive range of businesses that unite the residents of Tulum. It has a restaurant called Charlie’s restaurant which prepares a savory Mexican cuisine.

There is a Folk Art Store that is popular for its amazing Mexican art. You are free to walk to the back streets where you will see the Maya residents. Tulum beaches are on the Caribbean coast towards the Southern side of the ruins. There are beach clubs, attractive cabanas, and bohemian restaurants. It is a part of Tulum that is in high demand also. Local and international tourists are flocking to Tulum for adventure, to relax, and enjoy the calm nature away from the big city. The beach is not crowded and the crystal clear blue waters are pleasant to go swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

Exotic Gems on Tulum Beaches

Coba road east will get you to the pristine beaches on the Southern side of the Tulum ruins. On the coast road, you will see classic beach cabanas, splendid restaurants, and high-end accommodation. When you are on Tulum beach road, you can go further South to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve where there are more uncrowded beaches. There are tour operators who can organize a visit to the Mayan canal in the Reserve and the waterways. The operators are the Centro Ecologico de Sian Ka’an and the Amigos de Sian Ka’an. Sian Ka’an stands for “where the sky is born”. It is home to numerous species of birds and aquatic creatures such as manatees, crocodiles, dolphins etc.

Currently, Tulum is among the most desired vacation destinations globally. The beaches have remained the same over the years and without big crowds. This natural holiday spot makes a perfect getaway for anyone who appreciates history and nature’s beauty.