Akumal, a Captivating Destination for Turtles

Without a doubt, Akumal is one of the most featured vacation destinations in the Mexican Riviera holiday guides. The name Akumal has two meanings; one is “a magical spot” and the other is “a place of turtles.”
Turtles are amazing creatures of the sea. You will enjoy watching them in their natural habitat when you go snorkeling and swim side by side away from the beach. All visitors are welcomed to derive pleasure from this activity.
Akumal’s location is an hour from southern Cancun on Mexico’s Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula. It is known for its friendly attitude towards visitors and has a remarkable history.

Pleasure Activities in Akumal
The first group of people settled in this fascinating location in the 1960s. From that time, Akumal has been hosting international tourists who come to spend their vacation with their loved ones here.
Visitors enjoy the calm and silence they experience away from the hustle and bustle of Cancun. Akumal is the perfect spot for you and your family to go on an adventure. Couples are also welcomed to enjoy the serene beaches and romantic night outs.
For those visitors who are not afraid to get wet, you may want to go snorkeling and be amazed by the sea life you will see underwater. If that’s not your kind of thing then you will definitely love kayaking or swimming. You are likely to see the local community enjoying the brilliance of the beach too. All you have to do is request for information about tour guides from us and we will advise accordingly.

Unforgettable Spots to Visit

Yal-Ku Lagoon is one of the most memorable spots to visit in Akumal. This interesting mass of water has a natural mix of salty water and fresh water. There are all kinds of fish for snorkeling enthusiasts to see. You can watch the magnificent fish but do not touch them.
The best time to go snorkeling is in the morning and afternoon. Remember to use an eco-friendly sunscreen to protect the fragile eco-system. To get to Yal-Ku Lagoon, you will have to use the North Akumal Bay road and you will see the entrance at the end. This lagoon is the ideal getaway for your family.
If you desire to be a little tipsy, then you should walk into La Buena Vida or Lol-ha for alcoholic drinks. La Buena Vida is a beach bar located on the road that leads to Half Moon Bay. You will love the ambiance of this classy bar during the day or night. Do not leave La Buena Vida without tasting the delicious fish tacos they prepare.

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From the top of the private crow’s nest, you will be amazed by the breathtaking view of the bay. A swimming pool is also available for anyone who wishes to go swimming. Before you go snorkeling, you might want to buy snorkeling gear at the dive shop if you don’t have yours. Beach pillows are in plenty too.
During your stay in Akumal, you can go on an exploration of three incredible bays namely: Aventuras Akumal Bay, greater Akumal Bay and Half Moon Bay. Compare the three and find the one you like best. You will be in a better position to spread the word to your friends and family.